1. Alerts

    Sign up to receive announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you through email or text message.

  2. Animal Adoption

    Help us protect and nurture the pets of Wayne County. Find information about our spay and neuter assistance program and view a list of pets currently in our shelter that are in search of their forever home.

  3. Board of Elections

  4. Environmental Health Services

    The purpose of the Environmental Health Program is to prevent the spread of preventable communicable diseases through the enforcement of state and local statutes and regulations.

  5. GIS Mapping

    Geographic Information Systems is a process, through the use of computers, to apply geographic coordinates to computer databases in order to replicate those databases spatially into a mapping environment.

  6. Health Department Programs

    In order to better serve the community, we offer a variety of programs and services including dental, maternity, STD, and other health services.

  7. Inspections

    The Wayne County Inspections Department issues permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, and Mobile Home Setup) for Wayne County.

  8. Library

    Explore the programs and services available at the public library.

  9. Pre-Trial Release Program

    The program was put in place as an alternative to jail for first time, non-violent offenders.

  10. Public Records

    Contact the Register of Deeds for information about records including assumed name, marriage, death, birth and military records.

  11. Recycling

    Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources.

  12. Report a Concern

    Notify us about a general concern, comment, or compliment.

  13. Senior Services

    The Peggy M. Seegars Senior center has activities and services for seniors in our community.

  14. Sheriff's Office

    Get to know the Wayne County Sheriff's office and help us make Wayne County a safe and wonderful place to live.

  15. Social Services

    The mission of the Wayne County Department of Social Services is to empower all individuals of our county to improve their quality of life.

  16. Transportation

  17. Veterans Services

    The Veterans Services Department is proud to serve those who served.

  18. Wayne County Airport

    The Wayne Executive Jetport airport provides an opportunity for other industries to come here by providing a safe place for (industrial) executives to land.