Departments A - I

  1. Animal Adoption & Education Center

    Help us protect and nurture the pets of Wayne County. Find information about our spay and neuter assistance program and view a list of pets currently in our shelter that are in search of their forever home.

  2. Board of Commissioners

    The goal of the Board of Commissioners is to provide quality public services in a cost-effective manner through innovation, leadership, and the cooperation of dedicated people.

  3. Board of Elections

    Browse the Wayne County Board of Elections site for information about elections and voting.

  4. Cooperative Extension

    Wayne County Cooperative Extension is associated with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University.

  5. County Manager's Office

    View the County Manager, Assistant County Manager and County Attorney for their mission and responsibilities.

  6. Courts

    Discover contact information for the Wayne County Courts system.

  7. Day Reporting Center

    The purpose of the Wayne County Day Reporting Center (DRC) is to provide the Courts with a concentrated, one-stop point of entry for offenders.

  8. Economic Development

    Browse the Wayne County Development Alliance site for information about our economic development.

  9. Environmental Health Department

    The purpose of the Environmental Health Program is to prevent the spread of preventable communicable diseases through the enforcement of state and local statutes and regulations.

  10. Facility Services

    Get to know the various Wayne County buildings and the crews behind maintenance of these buildings.

  11. Finance / Payroll

    Peruse County budgets and get to know the goals and staff of the Finance Department.

  12. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Geographic Information Systems is a process, through the use of computers, to apply geographic coordinates to computer databases in order to replicate those databases spatially into a mapping environment.

  13. Health Department

    The mission of the Wayne County Health Department, through our responsive and professional staff, is to preserve, promote and protect the health of our community by preventing disease, protecting the environment and promoting healthy living.

  14. Human Resources

    The Wayne County Human Resources Department processes benefits for over 900 employees, serves as custodian of employee records, oversees compliance to personnel policy, monitors for adherence to legal guidelines relative to employment, and is responsible for the recruitment and retention of qualified staff to serve the County of Wayne.

  15. Information Technology

    Find contact information forms from the Information Technology Department.

  16. Inspections Department

    The Wayne County Inspections Department issues permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, and Mobile Home Setup) for Wayne County except for the Town of Mount Olive and the City of Goldsboro and their one-mile extra territorial jurisdiction.