Environmental Health Department

The outside of the Jeffreys Building

Purpose & Services

The purpose of the Environmental Health Program is to prevent the spread of preventable communicable diseases through the enforcement of state and local statutes and regulations. These services include but may not be limited to:
  • Food, Lodging, and Institutional Sanitation
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Oversight of Private Well Water
  • Public Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems
  • Tattoo Inspections
Food and Lodging Inspections
  1. Bedbug Information

    Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds

  2. Children's Environmental Health Programs

    The Environmental Health Department's child care programs include sanitation inspections for child care centers, lead poisoning prevention program, and a healthy home initiative for children's health.

  3. Contact Environmental Health

    Peruse the staff directory for contact information for our staff.

  4. Fee Schedule

    We compiled a list of our current fees for various inspections and water samples.

  5. Food, Lodging & Institution Program

    The purpose of the Food and Lodging section is to educate and protect the public's health and well being. Health Inspectors visit food and lodging establishments to enforce state and local government regulations.

  6. Forms & Reference Materials

    Easily browse printable forms and resource documents compiled from our Health Department for you.

  7. Mosquito Information

    The mild North Carolina climate supports over 60 species of mosquitoes. Only a small number of these species are problems for humans, but the few that are can have a serious impact on the health, comfort, and economic welfare of the community.

  8. On-Site Wastewater System

    An on-site wastewater system involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater in single or multiple components.

  9. Private Water Supply Wells

    The Onsite Water Protection Section oversees the construction, repair, and abandonment of private water supply wells in Wayne County.

  10. Public Swimming Pool Inspections

    The Environmental Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting all public swimming pools in the county.

  11. Tattoo Inspections

    The Environmental Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting tattoo artists in the county.