Finance / Payroll

  1. Annual Budgets & Capital Improvement Plan

    One of the most important functions of the Finance Department is the preparation of the budget for the next fiscal year. Now you can browse the most recent Capital Improvement Plan documents and recent and past budgets.

  2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

    Wayne County is required by state law to have an independent audit of its general financial statements conducted by a Certified Public Accountant on a yearly basis.

  3. Finance Policies & Forms

    Easily download and print various finance forms, checklists and policies.

  4. Goals & Responsibilities

    Learn about the various goals and responsibilities of the Finance / Payroll Department.

  5. Payroll

    Download and print legal payroll forms.

  6. Purchasing

    Discover information about documentation for asset disposal, GovDeals, and purchasing policy.

  7. Staff