IT Forms

Employee Change Request Form

This form is used in conjunction with the Track-IT work order system. Use it when submitting requests to set up new employees, changes to employee information, transfers/moves to other departments or offices within a department, and for resignations and terminations.

Submit this form as soon as possible to avoid delays in account creations, office moves etc. Use the following as a guideline:
  • Submit this form along with a Track-IT work order no later than 4 business days before you need it accomplished. (Resignations and Terminations do not apply to this time frame.)
  • Please review the form for accuracy and misspellings before sending; attention to detail will avoid unwanted delays. Two of the most common mistakes when submitting this form is misspellings of new employee name and incomplete forms (no room number or phone number).
  • Lack of planning on the supervisors part resulting, i.e. submitting requests for same day setup or office moves does not constitute an emergency. Information Technology services more than 1,100 employees so same day service due to lack of planning or coordination with IT cannot be expected. Delays can be avoided if submissions are accomplished as stated above.