Office of Emergency Services

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The Wayne County Office of Emergency Services is made up of five primary functions of responsibility. These include Fire Marshal, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), E-911 Communications, and Security. These functions work together to develop and maintain a state of readiness in preparation for the potential threat and/or occurrence of any natural or man made incident/event that could adversely impact Wayne County.

The Office of Emergency Services is responsible for initiating and coordinating disaster and emergency preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation operations with the county. The office develops and maintains a wide variety of plans to include the Emergency Operations Plan and Continuity of Operations Plan as well as the development and coordination of Emergency Alert System (EAS) notifications for countywide distribution. During emergency situations, the Office of Emergency Services will establish, manage and maintain the Emergency Operations Center.

Through effective leadership in emergency planning, response, recovery, and mitigation, our staff is dedicated to the protection of life and property utilizing partnerships between local, state and federal agencies.
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  1. Calendar of Events

    Browse the calendar to see upcoming community events.

  2. Safety

    Safety is an integral part of the overall objective at making Wayne County government employees and Wayne County citizens live and work in a safe and healthy environment. Reducing or ultimately eliminating injuries, accidents and loss to our employees and citizens has long-reaching effects on all our lives.

  3. E - 911 Communications Center

    The Wayne County E-911 Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to provide the most efficient service possible to ensure a quick and appropriate response to emergency situations.

  4. Emergency Management

    Emergency Management is a coordinated effort, involving local, state and federal government agencies as well as volunteer organizations and businesses.

  5. Emergency Medical Services

    Read about the history and staff information of the Wayne County EMS.

  6. Fire Marshal

    The Wayne County Fire Marshal's Office has various roles in Wayne County. They range from a liaison for the local volunteer fire departments to enforcing the state and local open burning laws and ordinances.

  7. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    The Wayne County Local Emergency Planning Committee exists to promote and maintain public health and safety to the citizens through the promotion of hazardous materials awareness and by supporting local planning and response efforts.

  8. Media Spot

    Watch videos of the Elroy Fire Department in action.

  9. Public Safety Radio System

    Learn about public safety on the radio.

  10. WayneNET

    Wayne County Office of Emergency Services recognizes the importance of providing cost-effective services to the citizens of Wayne County. In August 2006, Wayne Non-Emergency Transport (NET) was initiated to provide much needed service to the stretcher and wheelchair bound citizens.