Social Services

  1. Additional Services

    Discover how you can benefit from the Crisis Intervention Program, Project Share, and how to obtain work permits.

  2. Adult Services

    We offer a variety of services for adults in need including adult care homes, adult protective services, and services for the blind.

  3. Calendar

    Stay informed about current events by viewing the Department of Social Services Calendar.

  4. Children & Family Services

    We offer services to family and children in need including adoption, foster, and child protective services.

  5. Child Support Enforcement

    Child support agents help locate absent parents and assist in establishing paternity, medical insurance, and getting child support payments ordered by the courts.

  6. DSS Current Job Vacancies

    If you would like to join our team, you can view current job openings and learn how to apply.

  7. Economic Services

    If you need financial assistance, we have a variety of available programs.

  8. Report Fraud

    If you suspect someone has committed fraud, contact the Department of Social Services Program Integrity Unit at 919-580-4034.

  9. Job Opportunities

  10. Reporting Abuse or Neglect

    Discover how to report child and/or adult abuse.

  11. Social Services Board

    Learn meeting times and read a member list of the Social Services Board.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wayne County Department of Social Services is to empower all individuals of our county to improve their quality of life.
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