Wayne County Latino Council

  • Monthly
Members are appointed to 3 year terms
  • John M. Bell, County Commissioner
    Boards of Commission Appointment
  • Genell Nava, Social Services designee
    Term expires: September 2018
  • Tania Loria, Wayne County Public Library designee
    Term expires: February 2018
  • Michelle Estrada, Cooperative Extension Latino designee
    Term expires: October 2020
  • Vacant, Wayne County Emergency Services designee
  • Sheriff Larry Pierce, Wayne County Sheriff's Office designee
    Term expires: August 2018
  • Haydee Cotto
    Term expires: September 2018
  • Wanda Nieves
    Term expires: September 2018
  • Saralynn F. Vied
    Term expires: January 2018
  • Pat Yates
    Term expires: September 2018
  • Jonathan Chavous
    Term expires: September 3, 2018
  • Bianca Wall
    Term expires: September 2018
Michelle Estrada


All cultures enjoy the same rights, liberties, and the pursuit of happiness as well as the diversity of one another, yet are united as residents of Wayne County.


Established by Wayne County Board of Commissioners on February 18, 2003.

Source of Appointment

Wayne County Board of Commissioners