Stream Debris Cleanup Project


Stream Debris Cleanup Project


County of Wayne received two grants (Golden LEAF Foundation for $237,474.91 and Disaster Recovery Relief Program through Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation for $223,961) to remove debris from streams and creeks that resulted from Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storms Hermine and Julia.

The stream debris cleanup is approximately 21 miles long and includes beaver dams.

On July 19th, A&K Grading was approved by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners to do a ‘snag and drag” operation in which crews will clean downed trees, broken tops and woody/vegetative debris that has fallen into the stream beds and is restricting water flow and/or contributing to flooding with heavy rains. A&K Grading will use hand and light equipment to minimize the impact in the streams and surrounding areas. Debris will be placed 15 to 35 feet from the stream bed.

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District is preparing to send agreement letters to landowners on August 25, 2017, requesting permission to move forward with the clean out process to access properties adjacent to streams and/or properties abutting them, if needed, in order to access streams. If the agreements are not signed the streams and creeks will be bypassed in those areas.

To keep the streams and creeks in Wayne County flowing during storms or heavy rains, Wayne County Soil and Water encourages all landowners to call 919-734-5281 ext. 3 for more information.