Food, Lodging & Institution Program

North Carolina Food Code

Beginning September 1st, 2012, North Carolina will start using the Food Code for its inspections of food handling establishments. Learn more about this code on the Food Code Page.

Purpose & Responsibility

The purpose of the Food and Lodging section is to educate and protect the public's health and well being. Health Inspectors visit food and lodging establishments to enforce state and local government regulations. It is the responsibility of this unit to inform establishments about state regulations and motivate them to meet set standards in the interest of public health.


The food and lodging section administers 18 State regulated programs:
  • Bed and breakfast homes
  • Bed and breakfast inns
  • Child day care
  • Elderly nutrition sites
  • Food stands
  • Limited food stands
  • Local confinements
  • Lodging
  • Meat markets
  • Nursing homes
  • Push carts
  • Residential care facilities
  • Restaurants
  • School buildings
  • School lunchrooms
  • Summer camps
  • Swimming pools
  • Tattoo parlors 
On a local level, this department regulates seafood markets.



Inspections of these establishments range from once a year to once a quarter, whichever the State requirement is.

Grade Card

Any establishment that prepares food or provides sleeping facilities receives a grade card after the inspection has been completed. The card will show a numerical grade along with the corresponding letter. This grade card should be visible upon entering the establishment and is to remain in public view at all times.


Before any establishment can be permitted, an application and plans have to be submitted to this section. The environmental health specialist conducts a "plan review" then makes suggestions to the applicant on concerns and recommendations.

Inspection Scores

Inspection scores are found here.