Staff Members

  • Robbie Blanton (ORC)
  • Kendall Lee (BORC)
  • Wayne Rodgerson (BORC)

Sewage Facilities

The Genoa Sanitary Sewage is comprised of 5 Pump Stations, along with approximately 17,800 Linear Feet of Gravity Sewer Mains in the Mar-Mac/Genoa area. The Collection system is also made up of approximately 63,360 Linear Feet of Force Mains in addition there are also approximately 100 manholes thru out the entire collections system.

Pump Station #1 (Main Station/Office)

347 Old Mount Olive Hwy. 

 Goldsboro, NC 27530

Pump Station #2 (Lift Station)

2611 US Hwy. 117 South

 Goldsboro, NC 27530

Pump Station # 3 (Landfill)

552 South Landfill Rd.
Dudley, NC 28333

Pump Station #4 (Grantham Middle School)

3105 US Hwy. 13 South

Goldsboro, NC 27530

Pump Station # 5 (Grantham Elementary School)

151 Grantham School Rd.

Goldsboro, NC 27530

All Sanitary Sewer is pumped through the Main Genoa Pump Station(Station #1) to the City of Goldsboro for treatment. 

Staff Responsibilities

The County maintains all (5) stations and all piping and valves associated with its collection system along with the clearing of its right-of-ways where sewer utilities are located. In addition Wayne County is a member of NC811, meaning that when anyone is working in an area that Wayne County has buried sewer mains they are notified and then a locate is performed but only if the individual working in that area contacts NC811 and requests a locate.

The Genoa Sanitary Sewer Collections System is looked after 7 days a week, 365 days a year by either the operator in responsible charge or one of four backup ORC's.


Operator duties include:

  • Clearing brush
  • Cutting ditches/cleaning
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, biannual, and anual logs are kept on various items through out and are checked as per state guidelines
  • Ensuring proper operation of gravity sewer mains, pumps, alarms, generators and screens and also exercising valves.
  • Maintaining grounds at all five pump stations
  • Mow right-of -ways
  • Check aerial lines (main over body of water)
  • Mow FEMA lots (Mar-Mac)
  • Haul heavy equipment
  • Run various heavy equipment to maintain grounds and sewer mains.

Operator in charge reports to Wayne County Facility Services Director.

The Main Pump Station

Genoa Pump Sta. 1

117 South Pump Station

117 South Pump Sta. 2

Grantham Elementary Pump Station

Grantham Elementary Pump Sta. 5

Grantham Middle Pump Station

Grantham Middle Pump Sta. 4

Landfill Pump Station

Landfill Pump Sta. 3