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US Census Map

In 2020 you can self-respond one of three ways: online, by phone, or (if you've received a paper questionnaire) returning the census form by mail. With the US Census Map, you can compare with local, county, and statewide self-response rates.

The Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA)

The Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA) is the lead agency for geographic information systems (GIS) services and GIS coordination for the State of North Carolina. CGIA provides GIS services to state and local governments as well as the private sector. The Coordination Program brings the statewide community together to promote data sharing, informed decision-making, and cost efficiencies.

The NCDOT Maps & Publications website

The NCDOT Maps and Publications website provides static transportation maps, guides, schedules, transportation network information resources, GIS data and data products.


ESRI designs and develops the world's leading geographic information system (GIS) technology. GIS is an important tool—one that helps shape the world around us. This weblink provides access to GIS resources for software products, GIS data, professional services, training, GIS events and GIS news and publications.

Learn the Basics of GIS Maps presents the basic principles of GIS and how it affects our everyday lives. You'll find tools and resources for getting started with GIS.

TatukGIS Viewer - Free

The free TatukGIS Viewer opens most GIS/CAD vector, raster image, and grid file types and most ArcView®, ArcExplorer®, and MapInfo® projects. Besides just opening and viewing files, the Viewer supports an extensive set of features including visual layer properties control, legend control, thematic mapping, spatial and attribute querying, custom labeling, on-map measurements, hyper-linking, PDF export and much more.

North Carolina OneMap

NC OneMap is a public service providing comprehensive discovery and access to North Carolina’s geospatial data resources. It is an organized effort of numerous partners throughout North Carolina, involving local, state, and federal government agencies, the private sector and academia. It is the geospatial backbone supporting North Carolina data users. NC OneMap is the State Clearinghouse for geospatial information.

NC OneMap is an evolving initiative directed by the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council.