Emergency Medical Services

Wayne County EMS was established by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners in October of 2001. North Carolina Bill 451 and 452 was signed into law in January of 2002. This new legislation placed the responsibility for EMS coverage squarely on county government.

The goal of the Board of Commissioners was to enhance patient care by providing the highest level of pre-hospital care and improve response time. This has been accomplished through the addition of Paramedic Units across the county, with an average response time of 8 minutes to 90% of all first out 911 calls.
EMS Stations
In March of 2002, the first Wayne County EMS unit was placed in service in the Seven Springs community, now known as EMS Station 1. Currently, we are operating in 9 EMS Stations. In October of 2002, Wayne County EMS merged with the City of Goldsboro Fire Department and EMS to provide EMS coverage to the citizens of Goldsboro.
EMS workers respond to a car accident and help an injured victim.
Our ambulances are staffed 24 hours a day with a Paramedic and an EMT-Intermediate. EMS employees work 24 hour rotating shifts for 3 days and end their rotation with a 4 day break. Continuous coverage is accomplished with 3 shifts that are overseen by a Paramedic Shift Supervisor.

Volunteer Members

Volunteer EMS members are still active and welcomed in our system. Volunteer staff members are active at 5 of our current EMS locations. These members have proven to be a valuable asset with their years of experience and dedication. The volunteer members help the county crew on first out calls or provide coverage for a second call in the same area. Also, the volunteer staff covers community and local sporting events.

Quick Response Vehicles
In 2012, the first Quick Response Vehicles (QRV) were added to our EMS system. Two units housed at EMS Station 8 and Belfast Volunteer Fire Department provide Paramedic support to calls for service.

Administrative Staff
Wayne County EMS is a division of the Wayne County Office of Emergency Services. Administrative staff includes:
  • Administrative Assistant
  • EMS Manager
  • EMS Operations Supervisor
  • EMS Training Officer
  • QRV Paramedics
Slogan & Goal
All of our staff"s one continual and endearing goal is to enhance patient care and make a difference on each and every call. This is evident in our slogan:
"Wayne County EMS, Saving Lives One By One"