Fire Marshal

Roles & Responsibilities
The Wayne County Fire Marshal's Office has various roles in Wayne County. They range from a liaison for the local volunteer fire departments to enforcing the state and local open burning laws and ordinances.

Volunteer Fire Departments
Wayne County is home to 25 Volunteer Fire Departments. These departments are rated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance and range from 4 - 9s.
A house in the woods is completely engulfed in flames.
The Fire Marshal's Office serves as a liaison between county government and the volunteer fire departments to assist with the budget process, standards compliance, fire reporting, and training/education. One person is maintained on an On-Call status 24 hours per day and is available to respond to any county incident to assist with Incident Command as well as investigating fires in order to determine origin and cause.

The Fire Marshal's Office enforces the open burning laws which prohibit the burning of any refuse materials.

Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention is everyone's responsibility and the Wayne County Fire Marshal's Office is dedicated to providing the citizens of Wayne County with the proper fire safety training and techniques. Through presentations and demonstrations to education facilities and community groups, we strive to increase the level of awareness throughout the County.