Death Records

To Obtain a Copy of a Death Record

The Wayne County Register of Deeds Office can issue a death record for those persons who died in Wayne County. If the person died outside of Wayne County, contact the Register of Deeds office to obtain the address and telephone number of other Registers of Deeds Offices in this state.

Note: Certified copies of vital records may only be obtained by eligible persons. Uncertified copies are available to the public.

To Obtain a Copy of a Death Record in Person

  • The Wayne County Register of Deeds Office is located on the first floor of the Courthouse Annex in Goldsboro.
  • Make sure that you are either a spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, step-child, step-parent or the attorney or legal agent of the person. Death certificates can only be provided to those individuals.
  • Complete the Application for Certified Copies of Vital Records form (PDF).
  • Bring proper identification. Forms of ID are Drivers License with photograph or State issued Identification Card.
  • Certified copies are $10 each. We accept cash, check or credit card.

To Obtain a Copy of a Death Record by Mail

  • If you are unable to come in person to get a copy of the Death certificate, you may send in a written request. Please include the following information on your request: Name of deceased and date of death. You may download the request form online (PDF).
  • Sign the request form and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with a copy of your current driver's license, and a current phone number.
  • Certified copies are $10 each. We accept check or money order through the mail.
  • Mail the request to:
    Wayne County Register of Deeds
    224-226 East Walnut Street
    Goldsboro, NC 27533
 To Obtain a Copy of a Death Record by Fax
  • Persons eligible to apply for a specific death certificate should complete the Request-for-Vitals-PDF which can be faxed along with proper identification (see requirements listed  above) to 919-731-1441.  When the fax has been completed, please furnish your debit or credit card information to this office at 919-731-1449. The fee for this type of issuance is $11.00 which covers the cost of one death certificate, postage and handling fees. information received by 2:00 pm each day should go out in the 3:00 pm mail.
If you have other questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact this office at 919-731-1449. Any staff member will be happy to help you.