Detention Center

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 Main Detention Center

The main Wayne County Detention Center was built in 1994. This facility consists of 7 floors and is designed to house approximately 200 inmates (178 male beds and 22 female beds). The Sheriff’s Office occupies the first floor of the facility and the remaining 5 floors contains cellblocks. The booking area occupies the bottom floor of the facility. Each floor consists of 38 beds, except the 5th floor, which consists of 48 beds. The Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center moved into the main facility on April 02, 1995. On the day of the move, the inmate population was 127 inmates (115 males and 12 females’). Since moving into this facility the population has ranged from a low of 110 inmates to a high of 258 inmates.

Sheriff Carey A. Winders Detention Center

The Wayne County Detention Center at this time averages approximately 340 inmates. The construction of the Sheriff Carey A. Winders Detention Center Annex on William Street allows us to no longer outsource inmates but now house inmates from other counties, which in turn the county receives revenue.  The Sheriff Carey A. Winders Detention Center has a total of 221 beds.  Three 64 man pods and one 29 man celled pod.  

Roadside Clean up

The Detention Center also manages roadside clean-up crews.  These crews consist of inmates that are either doing community service, court ordered or volunteer work for the county.  They are accompanied by Detention Officers.  They may be seen all over Wayne County picking up roadside trash.  This is their way of giving back to the community.

Detention Prevention

The Sheriff's Office and Detention Center also operates a mobile jail cell for educational reasons.  This mobile cell is available to the public for special events.  It will be accompanied by Detention Center staff to educate the public about what it would be like to be incarcerated in the Detention Center.  This demonstration is targeted toward young people, hopefully, to be a deterrent toward criminal behavior.