Criminal Investigations Division

2022 Group Pic


The Criminal Investigations Division investigates all major crimes, including murders, sexual assaults, financial crimes, elderly abuse, missing persons, domestic violence, unattended deaths, fires, and sex offender registry violations. The division also investigates some misdemeanor crimes as well. 

The majority of the cases the division works on are property-related crimes such as larceny and breaking and entering's into homes and businesses.

Education & Training

Detectives attend formal schools with a variety of subject matters to include interview and interrogations, death investigations, sexual assault investigation, and crime scene investigations. Detectives also attend the Police Law Institute where they receive classes on criminal law, search and seizure and updated rulings from state and federal courts.

Area Cooperation

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with the District Attorney’s Office and routinely coordinates investigation with surrounding local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Evidence Room

Lt. Kit Walston and Evidence Room Technician Det. Sgt. Carlos Lilly maintain the Evidence Room. They are tasked with the security of the Evidence Room, maintaining the control logs for all seized evidence or found property stored in the Evidence Room, and helping with the disposal of evidence via Court Order.