Concealed Weapons Renewal Process

** If your concealed carry is going to expired and you have not received a letter, please call our office. ** 
Carry Concealed Weapons Permit Renewal Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:00pm.  The application is available at the main Sheriff's Office (207 E. Chestnut St.) and electronically.  Applications will NOT be accepted by mail.  

The renewal fee can be presented in the form or check, money order, or cash at the time of submission when applying in person.  When renewing online, payment must be a debit or credit card.  The online fee is $81.59.

The renewal process could take up to 45 days.  Follow the link to begin the process: to apply for a renewed concealed handgun permit.


Do not bring any weapon with you when you bring your application in for review.