How will I be notified if I am to be interviewed?

The Department Head or designee will contact you to arrange an interview.

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1. How long do employment opportunities remain posted on the site?
2. Where do I apply for positions with the Sheriff's Office?
3. I just found out about a vacancy that closed yesterday. May I still submit an application?
4. If I currently work for State or Local Government, may I transfer my sick and annual leave?
5. Do I have to be a Wayne County resident or US Citizen to become employed by Wayne County?
6. Do I have to complete the "work history" section of my application? Can I just submit my resumé?
7. Am I required to submit a separate application for each job I want to apply for, or may I submit only one and be considered for all jobs for which I am eligible?
8. Where do I obtain a work permit?
9. How often are new positions posted on the Wayne County website?
10. How will I be notified if I am not selected for an interview?
11. How are applications assessed?
12. What are the office hours of the Human Resources Department?
13. How will I be notified if I am to be interviewed?
14. How do I find out if a position is still available?
15. What does it mean when a vacancy states the closing date is "continuous" or "until filled"?
16. Am I required to disclose criminal convictions that have been expunged?