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1. What is P-EBT?
2. Who is eligible for P-EBT?
3. Do Students that have already turned 18 before the end of the school year receive P-EBT if they are still a full-time student receiving free or reduced lunches?
4. Does legal status of the child affect eligibility for P-EBT? Will school aged children who are undocumented non-citizens enrolled in a free/reduced lunch school program receive the PEBT benefits?
5. How to apply for P-EBT
6. What about children who enrolled in free and reduced lunch programs after the report was run for P-EBT eligibility?
7. How and when will I get my benefits?
8. How will you know where to send my P-EBT benefits?
9. What if my address is incorrect or I have moved?
10. How much will I get in P-EBT benefits?
11. How long will this program last and how long will I have to use benefits?
12. What happens if school closures are expanded by the Governor?
13. What if I do not want P-EBT benefits?
14. How do I activate my P-EBT card?
15. I did not get a P-EBT card and believe I should have. What do I do?
16. My child attends a charter school, will I receive P-EBT benefits for him/her?
17. My child attends a private school. Will I receive P-EBT benefits for him/her?
18. I homeschool my child. Will I receive P-EBT benefits for him/her?
19. My child is in a Head Start Program and qualifies for meals through CACFP. Will Head Start students receive P-EBT benefits or does that only apply to students in public schools?
20. I did not complete a free or reduced lunch application this past school year, but my child has received free or reduced lunch in previous school years. Will I receive P-EBT benefits for him/her?
21. I have more than one child enrolled in free or reduced lunch. Will I receive one card or individual cards for each child?
22. Will children receiving free lunches in a school that the entire school receives free lunches and the parents did not fill out any paperwork for the free lunches receive P-EBT?
23. How does this affect children in foster care?
24. Can I buy hot foods with my P-EBT benefits?
25. What is the ID requirement for using the P-EBT card at the grocery store?
26. Does this replace the current COVID-19 supplements, other FNS benefits, or meals families may be receiving at this time?
27. Why can’t I get my card and notice from the school?
28. Does this cost anything?
29. Do I have to pay these benefits back?
30. What if the family has more questions or needs additional resource information?