Bi-Weekly Payroll

Wayne County is implementing a bi-weekly pay schedule for all employees in April 2023. This page has resources and information to help employees understand the transition and make necessary preparations for the start of bi-weekly payroll. If you have additional questions after reading the information and FAQs, feel free to use the contact form below for a payroll team member to reach out to you.

How Does This Affect Me?

The change in payroll schedule will not change what you earn, it will only change how many checks you receive in a year. Instead of 12 pay periods, there will be 26 under this new plan. We know that a change in pay schedule will mean a change in cash flow during the month of implementation. Finance, Payroll, and Human Resources have planned for this and have selected April 2023 for the implementation in order to delay this until after the holidays. 

Why Move to Bi-Weekly Payroll?

Moving to bi-weekly payroll will standardize and simplify the payroll procedures across all departments. This shift in the payment schedule will reduce overpayments and manual adjustments in pay as the pay periods will be true to hours worked. With the bi-weekly payroll schedule, you will be paid every other Friday instead of once per month.

Information Sessions

Two town hall style information sessions will be available for employees to get additional information and ask questions regarding bi-weekly payroll. 

These sessions will be in the Human Resources training room on the ground floor of the Jeffreys Building, 134 N John St. in Goldsboro.

The dates and times are:

Wednesday, December 14th 10a – 11p

Thursday, December 15th 2p-3p

Bi-Weekly Payroll Questions

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