Public Safety Radio System

Channel Updates
As the radio system upgrade continues there are some channels that have been taken off line to prepare the new upgraded system. The channels that remain online are channels that do have interference on them sometimes that can affect the system's operability.

You may from time to time see these effects during high call volumes, atmospheric changes, etc. As stated in an earlier update, the antennas at the Goldsboro Site have been changed and have been tilted some in preparation of the upgraded system. The departments on the outside areas of the coverage could see a difference in radio operations in those areas. Unfortunately, these are some things that have to be done while still operating on the system and if they could do the changes without having any operational changes to the current system; I assure you it would be done. Every precaution is being taken to cause as few operational issues as possible as the upgrade continues.

We are now working on fewer channels and again ask to keep all unnecessary traffic off the system as much as possible. If you have any questions please let myself of Mel know.

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