Adoption Services

Adoption services are provided by the Wayne County Department of Social Services to enable children to have legal permanence in homes.

Types of Adoptions
There are several types of adoptions:
  • Agency placements - The Juvenile Court may place a child in the custody of the Wayne County Department of Social Services and, after a period of time, if reunification efforts fail, the agency may proceed with a termination of parental rights petition. If it is granted, the child is legally cleared for adoption.
  • Independent placements - These placements are made when birth parents identify a family that wishes to adopt their child.
  • Relative adoptions (including close relatives and step-parent adoptions) - These adoptions must also have the parents' consent or termination of parental rights.
Other Adoption Services
Other adoption services include counseling with birth parents who are considering releasing their child for adoption, post-adoption counseling, and counseling with adoptees and birth parents who are searching for relatives.

Foster/Adoptive Parent Training

Persons wishing to adopt must attend foster/adoptive parent training which consists of a 10-week course (30 hours), which helps them to better understand the needs of adoptive children.

If interested in adopting a child, call 919-580-4034