Animal Control does not handle or remove wildlife. If you have an issue with nuisance wildlife you should contact the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission and they will provide you with resources to help.  

For wildlife emergencies involving human contact, please call 911.  Most animals can bite or claw and may harbor illnesses which can be transmitted to people, including rabies. Only potential rabies cases and cases where there is a matter of public safety should be handled directly through Animal Services.  Other wildlife matters should be directed to the Wildlife Resource Commission.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (919-707-0010) has information on common wildlife species, regulations related to wildlife and wildlife disposition, and contact information for local wildlife rehabilitation services. For ill or injured wildlife, call them at 1-800-662-7137.
•  Injured Deer or Black Bear
The Wildlife Enforcement Division should be called in the case of injured deer or black bear at 1-800-662-7137 or 919-707-0040.
•  Injured Endangered/Threatened Species
If the injured animal can be identified as an endangered or threatened species, contact the Wildlife Enforcement Division at 1-800-662-7137, or 919-707-0040 or the US Fish and Wildlife Service at 919-856-4786. To speak with an enforcement officer, call the Enforcement Division.
•  NC WILDLIFE HELPLINE: 1-866-318-2401
Have a wildlife problem or concern? This helpline is staffed with trained biologists who provide information and guidance on how to deal with wildlife damage, and much more.
•  To speak with your local NC Wildlife Resources Commission Biologist, contact Greg Batts at 919-269-9731 or greg.batts@ncwildlife.org

Animal Services does not pick up dead animals. For deceased animals on the State maintained roadway, you should contact the NC Department of Transportation for removal. If you find a deceased animal on your property, you should bury them or take them to the landfill for disposal.