Employee Change Form

The IT employee change form is an important part of the day to day operations at Wayne County.  It is used when a new employee is brought on board.  It enables the username and email address to be accurate. It also gives everyone the contact information that will be needed by all who interact with the worker.   It is also important when a worker moves to a different position in the county so that they can have all the tools that they need for their new position.  

Security is also a priority at Wayne County. This form enables IT to give the access to everything that the user needs for their job.   When a user leaves the county IT needs to know that we can keep the data secure.  

It is important to have all of the correct information to put in this form.  Everyone wants their name spelled correctly.  Some users have a long first name or go by their middle name.  Please put that in the "goes by" blank.  

Fill out the regular work order in the Track-IT system if you haven't filled on out yet.  Don't forget to get the work order number.  

To begin filling out the form Click Here:  IT Employee Change Form