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Treasurer Training 

  • Treasurer training is conducted by the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Online and in person training schedules are available on the NCSBE website.

2023 Municipal & Sanitary District Elections

  • All candidate & PAC committee files will be uploaded here once they are received & audited. 

Fork Township Sanitary District

Board Member

Keen, Beverly

McCabe, Tony

Town of Fremont


Jones, Beatrice

Spivey, Keith

Yelverton, Eddie

Board of Aldermen District 1

Mooring, Oscar (Terry)

Board of Aldermen District 2

Howell, Tim

Board of Aldermen District 3

Jackson, Wayne

Futrelle, Terry

Board of Aldermen District 4

Artis, Joyce

Board of Aldermen District 5

Leroy Ruffin

Board of Aldermen District 6

Lewis, Annie

City of Goldsboro 


Craig, David

Foster, Bevan

Gaylor, Charles

Henry, Chuck

Lilly, Zach

Smith, Raymond

City Council District 1

Jones, Hiawatha

Moore, Yvonnia

City Council District 2

Boyette, Chris

Butt, Kal

City Council District 3

Taylor, Jamie

Thompson, Myelle

City Council District 4

Matthews, Brandi

Simmons, Sadie

City Council District 5

Dumond, Chretien

Merritt-James, Phyllis

Weeks, Beverly

City Council District 6

Taylor, Steve

White, Roderick

Town of Mt. Olive


Wiggins, Steve

Newton, J. Jerome

Town Commission At-Large

Keel, Danny

King, Robert

Town Commission District 1

Darden, Vicky

Simmons, Ann

Simpson, Brenda

Town Commission District 2

Carmichael, Harlie

Simmons, Delreese

Town Commission District 3

Kornegay, Barbara

Town Commission District 4

Brown, Tommy

Turner, Blake

Northwestern Wayne Sanitary District

Board Member

Bridgers, Walter

Kirby, Dale

Threewitts, Joey

Tillman, Danny

Tucker, Ken

Town of Pikeville


Chegwidden, Aaron

Chegwidden, Katie

Galloway, Lyman

Hooks, Robert

Wallace, Joshua

West, Steve

Town of Seven Springs


Hughes, Ronda


Cash, Alan

Southern Wayne Sanitary District

Board Member

Gainey, Thomas

McLamb, Matthew

Pope, Jessica

Trent, Nathan

Board Member (unexpired)

Walker, Scott

Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District

Board Member

Bennett, David

Cox, Jimmy

Hughes, Kelly

Jenkins, Don

King, Jeremy

Overton, Daryll

Village of Walnut Creek


Dupuy, Cyndi

Jackson, Danny

Moye, Phillip