Clinical Services
New AP Classes are provided to all newly admitted prenatal patients. New Ante Partum classes provide a basic orientation to the maternity clinic along with warning signs during pregnancy, instructions regarding avoiding harmful substances as well as other prenatal information on promoting a healthy pregnancy. Centering education is also provided on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday morning high risk clinic and includes outside guest speakers.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program
Originally 2 Health Educators (now only one) work closely with Wayne County Public Schools to provide education and consultation to students with the goal of preventing teenage pregnancy. All programs are approved by the Wayne County Board of Education prior to implementation. Programs are also available upon request to community groups such as churches, after school programs and other youth service related organizations.

Available Programs

  • The WISE GUYS program is a best practice model targeted at males and was adopted July 1999 by the adolescent health program. It was first implemented with the local Boys and Girls Club in Goldsboro. Since that time health educators have also collaborated with other agencies in the provision of this curriculum. Currently WISE GUYS is provided to the Boys & Girls Club through grant funding via the N.C. Children's Home Society and is provided to all sites. 
  • W.I.S.H. (Wayne Initiative for School Health):Health educator(s) are involved in providing in-kind services to W.I.S.H. sites located at Brogden Middle School, Goldsboro Intermediate School, Dillard Middle School, Mount Olive Middle School, Southern Wayne High School and Goldsboro High School. Services include one on one counseling, group education and classroom education.
  • Abstinence Essay Scholarship Contest: This is an annual event sponsored by the Health Education Division. Students eligible to participate include grades 9-12, including public, private and home-schooled. Advertising is promoted through schools and local media.
  • Local Councils: Adolescent pregnancy prevention health educators also serve and participate on the Wayne Council Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention that sponsors the annual Rose Banquet. Health educators also serve on the W.A.T.C.H. Teen Pregnancy Task Force.
Health Promotion Program
The Health Promotion Program focuses on issues as addressed through the state community action plan. A variety of programs are offered which address lifestyle and health habits such as nutrition, education, exercise, stress management, AIDS education, smoking cessation, etc. Policy and environmental changes are major focus areas addressed through the Health Promotion Program. AIDS education is also provided upon request as part of the Health Promotion Program. The Health Promotion Program Coordinator also assists the Health Education Supervisor with providing a County Employee Wellness Program.

Minority Health Initiative
A health educator heads up the Minority Health Initiative for Wayne County and works with various leaders and community organizations in addressing health disparities. (Position established January 2008.)

Since 1992 the Health Education Division has coordinated a public health column that appears weekly on the Health Page of the Goldsboro New Argus. Health educators, local physicians and other health department staff assist in writing these articles. The health education division also coordinates health fairs such as the annual Kid's Fest. These are collaborative events involving all health department programs as well as numerous health and human service agencies in the community. Speakers are also available to the community and other human service agencies regarding the services of the health department.

Health Data
Health educators are resource individuals regarding various sources of health data. A "Community Assessment" process is coordinated and produced by the Health Education Division in cooperation with other health department programs, Board of Health and the community.

Staff Development
The New Staff Orientation and a number of Staff In-service Programs are also coordinated by the Health Education Division.

Community Involvement

Health educators serve on a variety of local councils including the Wayne Council on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), the Wayne Action Teams for Community Health (W.A.T.C.H.) and the Teen Pregnancy and Health Behaviors Task Forces.