Mobile Home Inspections

Please do not call for an undercarriage inspection or a final/skirting inspection until the following items have been completed:
  1. Development Permit issued - purchased from the Wayne County Planning Department and Septic tank completed - signed off by the Wayne County Environmental Health Department 919-731-1174.
  2. Set-up completed (Set-up, blocked and tied down).
  3. Septic tank line has been connected to the mobile home and sealed with concrete or mortar at septic tank.
  4. Electric wiring completed from the pedestal/pole into the panel box. Depth of wiring-in-ground wiring 24 inches deep - in conduit - (pipe) - 18 inches.
  5. Steps at door - over 30 inches in height -rail and pickets required.
  6. Minimum 3 foot x 3 foot landing shall be required at the top of all exterior steps where any egress door (not screen door or storm door) swings outward over the stairs.
  7. Leave at least 1 door unlocked or leave a key in the outside panel box
  8. Do not install underpinning until under siding of the mobile home has been approved by an inspector
  9. A back flow prevention device shall be installed where connected to the public water systems.
  10. An expansion tank shall be installed in the water line under home or in water heater cabinet. If expansion tank is installed in the water heater cabinet it is to be left open for inspection.
  11. Items for mechanical permit.
    • Split systems - Unit sitting on a level pad, refrigeration line connected, drain line installed with "p" trap under home & pipe extended through skirting, holes in floor sealed and unit wired.
    • Self-contained A/C, heat pump or gas pack: Unit sitting on level pad, duct work strapped up with 11/2 wide strap and 4 inches above ground, hood installed & sealed at unit & home and unit wired up.
  12. Upon completion of all inspections by the Wayne County Inspection and Planning Departments, the electrical inspection will be sent to the appropriate electric company.
  • Please call the Wayne County Inspections Department at 919-731-1169 before 5 p.m. for next business-day undercarriage inspections and final inspections
  • Please call the Wayne County Planning Department at 919-731-1650 before 5 p.m. for next business-day skirting inspections
  • A $50 re-inspection fee will be charged before re-inspections are performed