Senior Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

Do you have questions about your Medicare Coverage?

Do you need to enroll in a plan or just need help understanding what to do?

Your local SHIIP counselors are specially trained to answer your questions.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA OEP) is from January 1 – March 31. The MA OEP offers an additional opportunity for people with Medicare Advantage plans to change their coverage. To schedule an appointment with a SHIIP Counselor call Services on Aging for an appointment 919-731-1591.

Be sure to bring your Medicare card and your current medications with you to your appointment.

You may also qualify for LIS (Low Income Subsidy) if you are below certain income guidelines. Your SHIIP counselor can help you determine if you qualify and help you apply for the LIS program.

Counseling Topics
Counseling Topics Include:
  • Employer Group Health Care Benefits
  • LIS (Extra Help) Application Assistance
  • Medicare Advantage Plans Comparisons
  • Medicare Supplement Comparisons
  • New Medicare Beneficiary Enrollment Questions and Answers
  • Part A and Part B Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Plan Comparisons