Homeowner Information

Purpose of Public Water Supply Requirements
Any well (drinking water supply or irrigation) is a potential conduit for contamination into our water supply. The requirements for a public water supply well or irrigation well are to ensure that the well does not contaminate the ground water. By protecting the ground water, we can increase the chances that there will be safe drinkable water from drinking water supply wells.

Wayne County Well Rules
The Wayne County Well Rules require the county to issue a permit showing the well location and an operations permit when the well is inspected. Three site visits are required in the permitting process. The site visits would include the following:
  1. Locating well site and ensuring it meets all setbacks required by the state.
  2. Inspecting grout around well casing during installation.
  3. Inspecting final well head construction (wiring, seals and sampling port) and sample well water for testing.
  4. Notify owner of well sample results.

Once you have received your well permit it is your responsibility to provide the well driller with a copy of the well permit. We would recommend that the home owners wait until they receive their final approval from the Environmental Health department before contractors are paid.

If the pump wiring is not properly sealed or the well head seal is not properly installed the home owner will be responsible for correcting these mistakes. Also, protect your well area by not storing or spraying chemicals around the well. If you have any questions please contact Environmental Health.