Wayne County Well Rules

The Wayne County Board of Health adopted the following resolution on December 20, 2006. The Wayne County Well Rules became effective April 1, 2007.

Regulations Governing Well Construction And Groundwater Protection in Wayne County

Whereas, the Wayne County Board of Health has the responsibility to protect and promote the public's health; and whereas, the North Carolina Commission for Health Services' regulations apply only to community water supplies and private wells furnishing water to establishments under food, lodging, institutional, nursing homes, day care facilities, etc. Regulated by state inspectional program;

And whereas, the Wayne County Board of Health is of the opinion that local conditions which exist in Wayne County that justify imposing more stringent minimum standards in certain instances in order to reasonably ensure that private water supply wells are safe and adequate for domestic use; and whereas, the Wayne County Board of Health recognizes the importance of adopting rules and regulations as are necessary to protect and promote the public health of the citizens of Wayne County.

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the following regulations are adopted by the Wayne County Board of Health pursuant to authority contained in chapter 130a, article 2, sections 39(b) and 43(b) and shall apply to private water supply wells as defined in the regulations. Specific rules of the commission for health services and the environmental management commission incorporated in these regulations are adopted by reference and shall become an integral part of the regulations.

Be it further resolved, that on the date of adoption, the Wayne County Board of Health directs Wayne County, environmental health section to develop necessary procedures for enforcing the provisions of the regulations and initiate these procedures on the effective date.

Complete Wayne County Well Rules