Dive/Water Rescue Team

Volunteer Team
The Wayne County Sheriff's Office currently maintains a 12 man, volunteer team for Search and Rescue. This team is compiled of Citizens, Sheriff's Deputies and members of the Arrington and Mar-Mac Fire Departments, hence the name "Arr-Mac".

These members are furnished uniforms to identify them as Search and Rescue Members, but not all are sworn Deputy Sheriff's. SAR Team members do undergo the same background check as required to be a Law Enforcement Officer.

Organization & Training
This Team is commanded directly by Sheriff Larry Pierce and the Arr-Mac Fire Chiefs. All team members have been trained through the Sheriff's Office and Wayne Community College specifically for Search and Rescue Operations. Fire Department members have also received specialized training in their roles on the Water Recovery Team.

Success Stories

To date, this team has greatly assisted our community with incidents such as lost individuals, evidence recovery, and security, just to name a few.

Certified Divers

There are 4 Deputies that are currently certified Divers. These Divers are utilized in all water Search and Rescue Operations as well as criminal investigations in or around water.

Underwater Recovery Team
The Underwater Recovery Team operates under the standard guidelines of the National Association of Police Divers. The mission of this Team is to provide departmental entities and Law Enforcement Agencies with underwater assistance as applicable to lifesaving, property and evidence recovery to aid investigations and to provide training and assistance to other police divers and personnel. The services of the SAR Team is available to any local agency requesting their special skills.