S.W.A.T. Team

Team Members
The Wayne County Sheriff's Office S.W.A.T. Team currently consists of 15 volunteer Deputies. These highly motivated individuals are in constant training, all the while maintaining other full-time responsibilities with our office.

Team members include:
  • 2 Scout/Spotters
  • 2 Snipers
  • 9 Entry Team members 
    • Including 2 Medics
  • A Team Commander
  • An Assistant Team Commander
The SWAT Teams purpose is to handle unusual operational activities and problems, including hostage incidents, aggravated suicide attempts, and other related tactical problems. The safety and freedom of individuals affected directly or indirectly, by such incidents will be the goal of the Department when responding to and resolving these types of incidents.

Operational Concept
The SWAT Team’s operational concept is containment and apprehension. This involves locating and isolating suspects, evacuating the area threatened, and utilizing special tactics to effect apprehension in a manner that affords minimum peril to law enforcement and citizens who may be directly or indirectly involved.

All of these Officers are highly trained in defusing volatile situations by the use of many different tactics including less-lethal and non-lethal solutions. They are equipped and trained to perform missions under any conditions over land or water. Each member has been trained by a State or Federal Certified Instructor in their respective fields of expertise.

Arms & Equipment
Arms and equipment have been purchased or provided to our agency through Federal programs. S.W.A.T. utilizes the most modern and effective tools available on the market today. These teams are readily prepared to make entry in any condition or situation, in either Dynamic or Stealth modes. The S.W.A.T. Team is available to any agency in Wayne County upon request from that agencies Director.