Tires may be disposed of at the Wayne County Landfill only. Tires are placed in tire pit then loaded into trailer for transport to Central Carolina Tire Disposal.

There are two categories of scrap tires:

1. Certified scrap tires - scrap tires that are accompanied with a complete NC Scrap Tire Certification form. Wayne County citizens can bring 5 tires per trip and are exempt from the NC Scrap Tire Scrap Certification form.

2. Uncertified scrap tires - scrap tires that aren't accompanied with a completed NC Scrap Tire Certification form and scrap tires that are generated outside of Wayne County.

Proof of origin:

It's the haulers responsibility to provide proof of origin of any scrap tire.
We hold the right to verify the origin of any scrap tire.

Uncertified scrap tire fees:
$0.038 per pound
$76.00 per ton

You can obtain at NC Scrap Tire Certification form from the Wayne County Solid Waste Department or at the following link NC Scrap Tire Certification form