New Employee Onboarding

The below links are for new employees. It is helpful if we have this information asap.

General Forms (Signatures Required for All New Employees)

1. Onboarding and Tax Information Complete this entire form and click Sign and Submit

2. Optional: State Tax Worksheet and Federal Tax Worksheet to help you fill out your tax forms. The HR Department can not provide guidance on tax forms. 

3. Complete, print, and bring with you: Retirement Beneficiary Form

4. Complete, print and bring with you:  Form I-9

EMS Forms (Signatures required for EMTs & Paramedics. The above General Forms are also required for all EMS employees)

  1.  Work Schedule SoU
  2.  Vehicle Use SoU
  3.  Outside Employment
  4.  Fuel Card ID SoU
  5.  Fluctuating Work Week SoU (Full Time Only)
  6.  Employee Information Form
  7.  Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  8.  Acknowledgment of Receipt & SoU
  9.  Wayne Co EMS SOGs     
  10.  Uniform Sheet

Any questions concerning these documents can be asked by calling (919) 705-6595 or emailing