Workers' Compensation

If an employee is in an accident or has an injury on the job, the Workers’ Compensation packets should be completed and HR should be notified.

 Find all packets here. 

1. Employees must fill out their packet if the injury is non-emergent. If the injury is emergent, the supervisor may fill it out on the employee's behalf.

2. Upon notification, the supervisor should fill out the supervisor's packet and provide the medical evaluation authorization and prescription card to the employee before they go to Immediate Care. 

If an employee experiences an accident or injury and decides not to file a claim immediately, they should complete a Near Miss form in order to establish the event. 

The first visit to the clinic or emergency room is to establish the Workers’ Compensation claim and will be paid by the County. Employees are encouraged to seek medical attention immediately if they are injured or involved in an accident. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Workers’ Compensation claims, please contact Human Resources at (919) 705-6595. You can also see the policy regarding Workers’ Compensation here.