Birth Control Ring

Birth Control Ring
Effectiveness: 91%
Cost: $0-200
Common Brand(s): NuvaRing
Prescription Required: Yes
Replace Monthly

The Birth Control Ring is a small, flexible ring that contains the hormones estrogen and progestin which stops ovulation or the release of an egg. If there is no egg being released, pregnancy cannot happen.

The birth control ring is very easy to use. The female inserts the ring into her vagina every month. It is important to wear the ring at all times, even when engaging in sexual intercourse, in order for it to be effective. Once inside the vagina, the female should not feel the ring. If the female feels uncomfortable wearing it, she can move it around until it is in the right location.

It is important to use barrier contraceptives like condoms while using this birth control method as it doesn’t protect against STDs nor guarantees pregnancy prevention!

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