Wayne County Health & Human Services Advisory Board

Regular Meetings

  • 11:45 a.m.
  • 4th Monday of every month (Bi-monthly)
  • Wayne County Health Department
    301 N  Herman Street
    3rd Floor Conference Room
    Goldsboro, NC 27530


Parker Sherard, P.E.,  Engineer
Term Expires: June 2025

Keith Spivey, Public Member
Term Expires: June 2025

Rick Sessions, PharmD, Pharmacist
Term Expires: June 2025

Dr. George R. Silver, Veterinarian
Term Expires: June 2026

Barbara Aycock, Public Member
Term Expires: June 2025

Emilee Pilkington, DDS
Term Expires: June 2026

Dr. Phillip Moye, Physician 
Term Expires: June 2026

Nannette Newcomb, RN
Term Expires: June 2026

Joe C. Daughtery, Commissioner


The Wayne County Health & Human Services Advisory Board is established by the County Board to advise the manager, the county manager, and the county board on policy and programs of the departments. The committee's purpose is to enhance the delivery of health and human services to the citizens of Wayne County. With areas of emphasis on the prevention of disease, promotion of public health services, food and nutrition services, child and adult protective services, foster care and adoption, Medicaid enrollment and processing, and child protective services. 


The Board is composed of 11 members that reasonably reflect the population makeup of the county. The initial term for the general public representatives, professional engineer, and pharmacist shall be two years. The initial term for all other members except the county commissioner shall be 3 years. The term of appointments shall be for 3 years after the initial appointment. The county commissioner shall serve only as long as the member is a county commissioner. By law, the 11 members include:

  • 1 Physician Licensed to Practice Medicine in the State
  • 1 Licensed Dentist
  • 1 Licensed Optometrist
  • 1 Licensed Veterinarian
  • 1 Registered Nurse
  • 1 Licensed Pharmacist
  • 1 County Commissioner
  • 1 Professional Engineer
  • 3 Representatives of the General Public

The members are appointed by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.


NCGS 153A-77

Source of Appointment

Wayne County Board of Commissioners