Eureka Planning Commission


Members are appointed to 3 year terms

  • Clara T. Sauls
    Term expires: February 2025
  • Edward E. Spence
    Term expires: February 2025
  • Jesse Chase
    Term expires: February 2025
  • John Phillip Yelverton
    Term expires: February 2025
  • Dwight Jones
    Term expires: February 2025


Not appointed by Board of Commissioners


12 with 6 extraterritorial members appointed by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners


To study the resources, possibilities and needs of the Town, and from time to time to make recommendations for the systematic future development and betterment of the Town, and for the promotion of economic and industrial prosperity and the enhancement of the health, comfort and convenience of the people of the Town.


NCGS 160A-360. Must live in one-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Source of Appointment

Town Board of Eureka- 6 Wayne County Board of Commissioners - 6