Commissioners' Council for Older Adults

Regular Meetings
  • Called Meeting
  • Quarterly

Members are appointed to 3 year terms.

  • Martha Bryan
    Term expires: May 2023
  • Ethel Barnes
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Terry Davis
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Cheryl A. Crumpler
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Margaret Davis
    Term expires: June 2020
  • Nancy A. Delia
    Term expires: April 2024
  • Brownie Doss
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Charles T. Gibson
    Term expires: April 2024
  • Angie Boswell
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Paula Edwards
    Term expires: March 2023
  • Patricia Beier                                                                                        Term expires March 20203 
  • Helena Bell                                                                                          Term expires March 2023
  • David Rosado                                                        
The Home and Community Care Block Grant is designed to improve the planning and coordination of in-home and community based services provided to North Carolina's older adults. It is also intended to promote the visibility of aging programs at the local level by giving counties increased flexibility with respect to funding aging services available through the block grant.

N.C.G.S. 143B-181.1 (a)(11)

Source of Appointment
Wayne County Board of Commissioners