Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation Authority (GATEWAY)

Regular Meetings

  • 3 p.m.
  • 1st Monday of every month


Members are appointed to 1 year terms
  • Freeman Hardison
    Term expires: December 2021
  • Berry Gray
    Term expires: December 2021
  • Brent Heath
    Term expires: June 2022
  • Bob Waller
  • Shycole Simpson-Carter
  • Steve Wiggins


Not appointed by Board of Commissioners




The purpose of the Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation Authority shall be to provide for a safe, adequate, and convenient transportation system for the jurisdictional area creating this authority and for its immediate environs, through the granting of franchises, ownership and leasing of terminals, buses, and other transportation facilities and equipment and otherwise through the exercise of powers and duties conferred upon it.


Agreement between the Goldsboro City Council and Wayne Board of Commissioners.

Source of Appointment

  • Wayne County Board of Commissioners - 9
  • Goldsboro City Council - 3
  • GATEWAY Board of Directors - 1