Equipment Move Instructions

In an effort to streamline the office move request process, the following guide and documentation will help County staff identify and plan for their employee’s office needs. Below is a listing of information that will need to be provided by the requester, who needs to be a staff supervisor, and have department head approval before making this request. The request must allow for 10 business days for the Facilities and IT Departments to plan accordingly. Once Facilities and IT have approved the request, it will be placed on the “Moving” calendar for coordination and follow-up. All department heads will have access to view the “Moving” calendar for planning purposes. To insure timely processing of your request, have all employees’ office supplies and personal affects boxed up prior to day of move. If not, we will need to reschedule based on other requests. If you have any questions during this process, please contact Facilities/IT as needed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to help improve this process for the County.

Note:   In the Virtual (Citrix) environment you will have to use Firefox or Chrome.

Please Read this First (instructions on filling out the form click here)

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How to add the Moving Calendar to your Outlook