Blood Lead Toxicity Prevention Program

The goal of the Blood Lead Program is to provide preventive lead toxicity information to caregivers and the general public to prevent and control lead toxicity in children. To identify lead hazards and / or sources when children have lead exposure. Provide environmental investigations for children with levels 10-19 ug/dl per parents request. Provide environmental investigation for persistent or confirmed cases and require residential abatement of those hazards

Provided Services

Some of the services we provide are:
  • Annual inspection of daycare facilities for lead hazards.
  • Assist with identifying lead sources and counseling caregivers with suggestions to ultimately eliminate the lead hazard.
  • Enforcement by Environmental Health Specialist of residential abatement standards to remove potential sources for lead poisoning
  • Inspection of suspected dwellings or schools for lead hazards.
  • Routine blood screening for children less than 6 who have never been screened before.
  • Sample collection of paint, dust, soil and water for lead content analysis in areas frequented by children with lead exposure.
  • Routine blood screening of all children in Wayne County at 12 and 24 months of age.


Any child living in Wayne County is eligible for the service. No fees are charge for the lead screening test or for the evaluation. The abatement costs are the responsibility of the landlord.


Routine Blood Lead screening test are given:
  • Monday and Tuesday
  • By Appointment
If you need additional information please contact the child health coordinator at 919-731-1203.